Achieve Fire Door Compliance with NFPA 80 - Building Confidence in Firestopping

Kate Stewart
about 2 years agoSeptember 16, 2020
SUGGESTION: It should be noted that after the tragedy has occurred, is too late to modify the codes. Those of us in this industry do know these requirements come from past failures and all someone has to do is read the handbook to know what the basis is for these requirements.
Many states have formal credible training for fire inspectors and plan reviewers, I took this training before leaving the fire service to become an FPE (UMCP) because I was tired of codes only changing after the fact...
You are getting the word out by performing the training, please try not to discredit the people who use these codes without having an FPE degree. Please just focus on door types, dealing with door/hardware/frame installation and maintenance issues. Perhaps use pictures of past non-conforming situations; this helps a lot when I train folks.
Thank you for taking the time to provide this training.
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