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over 6 years agoJuly 30, 2015
Poor indoor air quality costs the U.S. economy over $17-26 billion annually. From medical costs and absenteeism to asset remediation and unleased space, the air we breathe inside our buildings is impacting our health, productivity and profitability.

Building owners and occupants have an opportunity to improve building performance and establish themselves as a leader in addressing the impacts of poor building indoor air quality.

Watch the webinar to get the latest information on: • Sources driving poor building indoor air quality (BIAQ) • The impacts BIAQ can have on your company, employees, and building • What you can do to assess, manage, and mitigate potential risk factors

Watch the recording today to learn how improving the quality of your indoor air can improve performance.

*Fisk, W., Black, D., & Brunner, G. (2011). Benefits and costs of improved IEQ in U.S. offices. Indoor Air, 21(5), 357-367.
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